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35-Day Exercise Plan with Bonus Plan

$4.98 USD $49.98 USD

Get Excited!! Buy your 35-Day Exercise Plan that includes a supplemental book for all of the details in the plan.  The plan is designed to help you stay fit and get ready for the Summer Beach.  Over 35 days, you will see a difference in your exercise fitness.  For a Special Bonus, if you purchase now, you get the 14-Day Special Bonus Exercise Plan, a comprehensive plan that covers each day that you may be out of pocket but can make the difference in your health.  This Bonus Plan ($19.99 value) is free with your purchase.  

The cost of the plan is $29.99 $2.99 and there is a $1.99 processing and handling charge.  Your total cost is $4.98.  There is no cost for the 14-Day Special Exercise Plan.  The regular price for the 35-day Exercise Plan (2 products) is $29.99.  You are getting all three products: 35-day Exercise Plan, Exercise Plan Supplemental Book, and the 14-Day Special Exercise Plan, a value of $49.98.

The bonus plan has some critical information that you can help get well and protect your lungs.  All plans are informational purposes only.  However, all plans have been tested with impressive results.

See the images below to provide you a quick review of what you are getting.  When you purchase the products, please ensure your email is valid.  The products will come as eBooks and will be sent to your email address.  You should receive your eBook products within 24 business hours or no more than 2 business days.  

Both Exercise Plans are designed so your print at your home computer or use on your mobile device.  The Exercise Plan starts with capturing your biometrics - this is important to see your progress throughout the plan and especially when you are finished.  The Exercise Plan can help you to look better, feel better about yourself, reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and drastically change your health. 

The comprehensive 14-Day Special Exercise Plan is a methodical, natural approach with self-help remedies, Fitness and Exercise, with minimum items that you need to purchase.  The plan has shown to be highly effective in helping your lungs to stay healthy when you follow the regimen. 

For less than $3, (not including the processing fee - total cost with processing fee is $4.98) purchase your (2 + 1 Bonus) eBook products today.  You would experience the many ways to benefit from the products.

Key Benefits:

- Can use and track your progress on your mobile device
- Can help you get ready for swimsuit shopping
- Can help you get ready for Summer plans and the next vacation
- Can help you with plans to stay fit and keep in shape
- You can easily print and post on your refrigerator or wall to use to keep track of exercises
- Can help you get you ready for looking well and feeling good about yourself
- Can help you get ready for new dates or looking great for your current one
- On the serious side, can truly help your health and wellness
- Includes healthy meals suggestions, daily regimen, exercises, tea recipe, healthy coffee approach, and much more
- A daily planner that provides you an exercise routine plan for 35 days
- Easy to use, easy to follow
- No long wait - can be in your inbox and ready to use within a couple of days
- Extremely low cost investment with significant benefits


Best of luck.  Stay well and healthy.