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Empowerment Series: Green Juice Regimen

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As part of the empowerment series, this book puts on the path to optimal health.  A simple read could drastically change your life.  Your investment is less than $20.

A must have book during a time where most people are trying to find answers to stay healthy and well during a pandemic.  The Green Juice Regiment, part of the Empowerment Series, is designed to provide the simplistic narrative of the key information that you need to start juicing today. 

From the start, your < $20 investment, gives you vital nutritional information and a green juice recipe to create almost three (3) quarts of juice that have astronomical daily value of the vitamins and minerals.  What is incredible, is the book jump starts you on a regimen to amazing health and super-charged immune system.

The book provides a simple walk-through of the major topics that you need to know.  Each ingredient is given its own separate description of the nutritional value.

What makes this book so valuable is that it highlights the percent of nutrients that you will receive when you go on your green juice regimen.  These numbers are staggering; with the intent to motivate you to start consuming this highly antioxidant juice, to inhibit oxidation that can produce free radicals in the cells.

The book includes a wellness plan to get you started and keep you on track.  Just follow the plan (30-45 days) and you will see significant, positive results in your health.


If that is not enough, this book attempts to address other areas in your life.  For example, besides boosting your immune system to fight flu symptoms and viruses, the book would show you how the juice regimen could reduce allergies, blood pressure, and reduce weight.

Key benefits await you in the book … purchase now and start seeing results!

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